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Eugene Genovese 0

Eugene Genovese

This week we lost a giant. Eugene Genovese died on Sept 26 after a long illness. I don’t have any long and amazing stories to share about him, but what I do know is...

Dear Subscribers 2

Dear Subscribers

I realize that there are quite a few of you who get posts as emails delivered as soon as they are posted. You probably got a few today that looked like complete and utter...

For Teachers pt 2 1

For Teachers pt 2

Okay I’m back at it. Teachers, and really anybody else looking for more resources, I’ve started a page dedicated to books, websites, suggested readings, whatever…for you to utilize. A lot of the websites have...

For Teachers pt 1 1

For Teachers pt 1

It’s that time of year when schools starts again (although I know a lot of schools are already in session) which means that there will be lessons on slavery and the occasional field trip...

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One of the comments I get is that I need to add more pictures. Well I have heard you, and I am currently working on a media gallery. I’m trying to get audio, video...