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  1. Jordan says:

    Hello Nicole,
    My name is Jordan, and I’m with TLC Book Tours. We coordinate online blog tours for authors and publishers. I’m working with TLC Book Tours on a tour that I think would be a good fit for Interpreting Slave Life. The tour I’m currently working on is the book “More than Freedom” by Stephen Kantrowitz. This book chronicles the struggle of black and white activists to establish African-Americans as free citizens, from abolitionism through the Civil War and the failed attempts at Reconstruction. Since you write about the history of slavery on your blog, I thought this book might be interesting and relevant to you and your blog’s readers.
    If you were interested, we’d have the book sent out to you in exchange for your posting your thoughts on the book on a mutually agreed-upon date in August. We don’t require positive reviews, just honest ones. 
    I’d love to have you on this tour if you’re interested! I look forward to hearing from you!
    (I’m posting this in a comment because I was unable to find contact information for you on your blog.)

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