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Ahh, so this week is the joint meeting with NCPH and OAH that I was supposed to attend. Due to financial constraints, I was not able to make it and I’m completely bummed out about that. I was looking forward to the session on Sunday that is chaired by Robert Weyeneth of the University of South Carolina. It’s titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Interpreting Slavery for Public Audiences” and quite honestly, I wish I could have joined that group of presenters because this is what I do and I’m on a conference kick right now. But the presenters and topics are as follows:

Interpreting Urban Slavery in Columbia, South Carolina
John Sherrer, Historic Columbia Foundation
What Do You Mean the Congregation Owned Slaves?
John Larson, Old Salem Museums and Gardens
Exhibiting Culture: The Sweetgrass Exhibit at the Avery Research Center
Georgette Mayo, Avery Research Center for African American History
Slavery and the University
C H A I R : Robert Weyeneth

Other sessions about slavery that I was looking forward to checking out (there are more but these were interesting to me):
Emancipate Yourself: Slaves and their Struggle for Freedom
The Business of Slavery: Education and Professionalism in Slave Societies

New Perspectives on the Nineteenth Century Slave Trade

and also this working group
What It’s Worth: Valuing and Pricing the Work of Historical Consultants

Hopefully someone in attendance will see this post and happen to stroll upon these sessions and share?? Perhaps?? Hmm?? If not, I’ll be more than happy to follow along via Twitter and I’m sure History@Work will have some posts about this as well as the conference blog itself! Just because I can’t be there in person doesn’t mean I can’t be there in spirit!

Also, next weekend if you are in the Petersburg/Richmond, VA area, please come out to Petersburg National Battlefield, City Point for an exciting Living History event:
April 28 & 29: “Seeking New Shelters: The 1862 Evacuation of City Point”. General Grant’s Headquarters Unit. Living history event. Sat. 9-5 pm, Sun. 9-2 pm

This event is really special because there will be a large group of African American interpreters sharing the stories of those who were enslaved at the site and you’ll get to hear those stories in first person. Anybody who does African American interpretation of any sort will understand how exciting it is to have so many together at one time. We get excited when we find one other person like us…this will be a feast for our historical senses!! Come on out and enjoy yourself. Make the drive up if you’d like, Richmond is a city full of interesting history anyway…let us be your main attraction on a historical weekend adventure!!

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  1. JM Rudy says:

    My flight’s at 2:50 on Sunday, so I can’t promise I’ll be able to give a report on the Sunday session (although I’m bummed about that too). I’ll try to offer some reflections next week on the experience.

    I should be tweeting all weekend using the conference hashtags and posting to our blog’s Facebook page as well. It’s not the same as being there, but hopefully it’ll be enough.

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