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Hey everybody!

I have added two new links to the blogroll on your right. One is for NCPH’s History@Work website which is “a digital publication project of the National Council on Public History. The blog was created in March 2012 to expand on our long-running listserv, H-Public, to serve as an online “commons” where people from a variety of areas of the public history field could share ideas and news, and to create a bridge to future digital and other publication efforts. Like the field itself, the blog is designed to blend scholarly, professional, and civic discourse arising from the practice of presenting history in public.” I think this website is a brilliant idea and cannot wait to spend more time perusing it as a public history professional!

The second one is Slavery at South Carolina College from the Public History Program at  The University of South Carolina and it talks about something a lot of folks are really ready to admit…that colleges and universities were also homes to slavery and slave labor. Take the time out to look at this site and also leave comments for them. Hopefully more schools with this past, will join USC and The College of William and Mary in talking about their past.

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