So What’s Next?

The funny thing about doing work and finishing one gig is wondering when the next phone call or email will come. Well, that email came Friday afternoon as I traveled through Charlotte Douglass Airport when I was invited to speak on a panel at Stetson University on the 20th. The topic is interpretations of the Confederate Flag…I really can’t wait to see how this one is going to be. I have also been contacted by the amazing Terry Brock via twitter. Terry is the one who is really making slavery at St. Mary’s City happen. He has done the archaeological work and really knows what’s there in terms of material culture and artifacts. It is going to be amazing working with him to tell this story, his vision is amazing!!!

But before I do that, the week before on the 13th, I have the honor of introducing Dr. Karen Cox at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC for her lecture on her book, Dreaming of Dixie: How the South Was Created in American Popular Culture. I am particularly pleased with doing this as Dr. Cox served as my thesis advisor and has been a mentor to me before and after graduation. She encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in History and that was some sound advice.

I am participating in a living history event at Petersburg National Battlefield…in fact it is the City Point Living History program on April 28-29th and I am very excited about that. I get to work with Miss Kitty again and I am also going to meet some other interpreters who portray enslaved African Americans and that to me is going to be an amazing experience. I just hope it doesn’t rain!! After that is the National Council on Public History’s Annual Meeting and I am still part of the Cooking Gene, which your donations are always ALWAYS welcome to…but I still have openings on my calendar…

So if you are a site that wants me to come talk, or you know of a site that is thinking about interpreting slavery or doing it and wants some help, have them contact me at Nicole.

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