Are you checking for the Cooking Gene?

Hello everybody!!!
Things have been very busy on this end. I am preparing to present in New York City next week as well as have a public lecture in Maryland at Historic St. Mary’s City on March 1st. I am extremely excited about this lecture and cannot wait to talk to the people!! I’m talking about my experiences interpreting slavery and getting into the stuff that you don’t hear about when you visit public sites, and the politics involved. Oh the politics of talking about slavery and the things people say. You just have no idea!!

But after all that is said and done, I will be jumping back into my role as adviser for the Cooking Gene. This amazing project is going to change how you look at food, southern history and hopefully jump start a search in your own family history. We all agree that food is something that can bring people together and there is a lot of history in the foods we eat today. Michael Twitty has put together an amazing program that will be brought to various sites across the south and he has already had amazing reception at two speaking events related to the project. But we can’t do this alone, and we are trying to raise just $8,000 to make this project happen. Right now we have 77 days to raise $7,310. You can give as little as $10, or if you’re feeling extremely generous, go ahead and donate $1,000. We need everything you can muster, and will thank you every step of the way. But please, look inside your bank accounts, surrender your starbucks for 2 days!!! Help us bring this amazing journey to fruition and be a part of something remarkable.

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